Fox Cookware Set

Kód: CCW001
Značka: Fox
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Kategorie: Nádobí
Varianta: FOX Cookware Set - 3pc Medium Set
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1 957 Kč
Varianta: FOX Cookware Set - 4pc Large Set
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4-PIECE LARGE COOKSETThe 4-Piece Large Cookset features the same 0.9l Heat Transfer Kettle and medium Saucepan as the 3-Piece set but with the addition of a larger fry pan and also a large saucepan making it ideal for the angler that really likes to cook up a feast on the bank. As with the 3-Piece set all of the pans feature the thicker wall and higher quality non-stick coating.

  • Supplied with a drawcord mesh carry bag
  • The pans feature durable folding handles to allow them to be packed away in a compact manner
  • Kettle sits inside smaller saucepan, which then sits inside larger saucepan that sits inside frying pan
  • 4pc Large Cookset – 13cm Height x 19.5cm Dia.

3-PIECE MEDIUM COOKSETWithin the 3-Piece Medium Cookset, you will receive a frying pan, medium saucepan and a 0.9l Heat Transfer Kettle. We have made the aluminium wall of the frying pan and saucepans thicker in order to allow a higher quality non-stick finish to be applied. As we all know, many current pans from fishing companies claim to be non-stick but how good are they really? We believe that our non-stick is the best you will find in a tackle shop.

  • Supplied with a drawcord mesh carry bagThe pans feature durable folding handles to allow them to be packed away in a compact mannerSaucepan sits inside the frying pan and the kettle inside the saucepan3pc Medium Cookset – 11cm Height x 17.5cm Dia.

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